innovative learning


Life is often far ahead of the framework we create for it. Today we work to not repeat what has been done in the past.


how is the 21st century school?

Creating the new learning framework

traditional environments vs. maximize learning

  • Obsolete spaces
  • Unimaginative facilties
  • Non-ergonomic furniture
  • Poor materials
  • Standard layouts for didactic teaching
  • Uninspiring
  • Non flexible spaces


 We create inspiring environments that boost the will to learn and create. They are warm, flexible, comfortable and they foster both interaction and introspection thanks to their versatility and adaptability.


It is time to support change. Changing the school, its spaces, its arrangement, the way we inhabit and interact within learning spaces means supporting modern teaching methods. It means going forward.

A pleasant educational environment provides tangible benefits to both students and teachers. Innovative facilities open up new opportunities in education and noticeably improve learning experiences.

Our experience tells us that there are 5 aspects which are key when it comes to new learning spaces.




innovative and contemporary


With modular and versatile educational spaces to favor the spontaneity of the imagination, which encourage movement, play, contemplation and reading.


Good lighting, if possible natural light, has a direct impact on positive learning.

A reduction in noise pollution, with careful  consideration to acoustic levels, has clear benefits.

Open and less cluttered areas where zones can be created support flexible learning.


Mirplay creates spaces to facilitate learning naturally by helping to articulate a
school with new structures that feed the creativity, attention, and motivation of
the students.


Creating the environment that favors group work, project-based and interdisciplinary, with flexible hours and continuous evaluation; where technology and sensory experience are the vehicle and happiness and the desire to learn from the students are the purpose.


We know that creativity is the cornerstone of every educational project
that seeks to promote inclusive and collaborative learning capable of
nurturing the child’s education through introspection, exploration and

innovative and

From the old school structure centered in the classrooms to the college of hiperaulas.


wide, open and flexible spaces, which can be reconfigured to accommodate larger groups, which can be broken down at will for team or individual work, and enable any temporary organization (the fourth dimension of hyperspace) not fragmented or simultaneous, within and out of the center.


spaces that allow the transition without friction from the face to the digital and between the different media and forms of this (audio, video, image, text).


(augmented, virtual, 3D, immersive, simulations …) 
with the technology that allows experimentation, with
a growing learning potential and infinitely superior to
the poor printed representation (books, maps …).

Children need to move throughout the day, and not just during the 30 minutes of recess. They need to use and compromise their multiple senses to decipher and understand reality.

The happy school that
accompanys the student

In a world that is generally designed according to adults, it is quite fun to raise a new point of view and play with different dimensions. Why not create spaces to build a range of endless possibilities where everything is possible and where everyone, students and teachers, are included?

make it happen

Count on the international team of professionals, architects, designers and furniture manufacturer capable of collaborating with a local Chinese
construction team to reform your school with a “turnkey” service at the price of the Chinese market. 

Mirplay puts at your service its tour designing schools in Europe and all the expertise gained with the involvement in international organizations such as the OECD (Innovative Learning Environments and European Schoolnet (Future Classroom Lab), school networks like Teach2One, consortia of technology companies like Reinvent the Classroom, learning innovation communities such as Learnlife and in University programs such as the HiperAula. Ucm of the Complutense University and various private initiatives (URL, UCJC).

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